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    World-leading solutions for OT systems
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  • How to stop broadcast storms fast

    Find out how Coventry University fixed broadcast storms and shifted to proactive maintenance in the midst of construction and constant network changes.

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Healthy Building Networks

Healthy building networks allow people to live, work, and play in buildings that are secure, comfortable, and sustainable.

Building owners and facility managers are quickly adapting to smart building trends that can both attract tenants and improve operational efficiency. Today, commercial buildings are more linked with connected devices than ever, from lightbulbs and thermostats to security alarms and elevators.

Optigo delivers highly resilient building network solutions that serve as the “brain and nervous system” of these connected devices. We help your IoT devices perform efficiently and dependably so your buildings are kept secure, comfortable, and sustainable.

  • Secure: Healthy networks eliminate weak points in IT and OT systems, keeping digital assets and people secure.
  • Comfortable: A proactively self-managed network means it will work 24/7 to keep the building’s occupants comfortable and happy.
  • Sustainable: A healthy building network can lower operational costs and conserve energy; all while self-managing to minimize maintenance time as the network grows.

    Optigo Can Help


    Optigo Connect provides OEMs an easy and cost-efficient way to fill a gap in current building automation and security product offerings.

    • Differentiate Your Offerings
    • Increase Your Revenue
    • Minimize Your Support Costs


    Optigo Connect helps integrators deliver building IoT solutions on spec, on time, and on budget so that they can increase their profit margins while reducing their headaches.

    • Leverage Consumer Trends
    • Increase Profit Margins
    • Reduce Installation Headaches

    Building Managers

    Optigo Connect helps building managers increase confidence that everything is always working to keep their commercial building secure and comfortable.

    • Save Time
    • Save Money
    • Satisfy Both IT and OT Requirements

    Our Products


    Optigo Connect

    About Optigo Connect

    Optigo Connect is a flexible family of networking hardware products that can help you connect thousands of smart devices at a fraction of traditional infrastructure. No matter if you are planning a new building or retrofitting an existing one, our products can significantly reduce your time and costs.

    Benefits of Optigo Connect

    Simplify your network

    Extend its reach

    Reduce cost and risk

    Monitor + Analyze

    Visual BACNet

    About Visual BACnet

    Visual BACnet is a simple visual application that helps building controls specialists to anticipate problems and save hours in BACnet troubleshooting. Field Service Technicians and Facilities Operators can quickly identify issues, create reports, track problem devices, analyze packet traffic and much more.

    How Visual BACnet helps




    Recent Projects

    ATS companies use Visual BACnet to provide superb customer value

    ATS companies

    ATS, an industry-leading systems integrator with offices across the United States, has a clear vision for supporting customers. They want to be their clients’ trusted partner, through installation and beyond. With Visual BACnet, they found a way to serve more clients faster and deliver exceptional value.

    Coventry University


    Chris Goodman, the Senior BMS Technician at Coventry University, had broadcast storms that were happening more and more frequently. 

    Ongoing construction due to Coventry’s campus expansion meant lots of new activity, with technicians installing new devices and making network changes. Already juggling these constant additions and alterations, Goodman and his small team then had to deal with the subsequent broadcast storms. As the broadcast storms became more frequent, Goodman and his team needed a solution.

    Find out how Visual BACnet helped Chris solve the broadcast storms and improve Network Health in our free case study!

    Data center expansion with OTI and Optigo Connect


    Stack Infrastructure is a portfolio of hyperscale computing data centers. OTI completed work on Phases I and II, and returned for the Phase III build-out of a 4-megawatt data hall and brand new central plant. The Optigo Connect network put in place in Phases I and II was expanded on this project. The team achieved quick roll-out of a large, multi-service redundant network using the Optigo OneView management interface. Going forward, the facility management team can use OneView to remotely monitor equipment, manage power usage, and meet up-time goals.

    Optigo Connect MR Soluciones The Landmark


    The Landmark is a sophisticated mixed-use high-rise in Mexico. The owners wanted to integrate all OT systems in the skyscraper, while maintaining separate networks for each application. The Landmark is the fourth joint project between Optigo Networks and MR Soluciones. Together, these companies provide robust services to meet any challenge.

    Australian Bureau of Statistics at 45 Benjamin Way with Delta Building Automation


    Delta Building Automation (Australia) had a big job renovating the Headquarters for the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) at 45 Benjamin Way. The building owner wanted to improve the building’s energy use and increase their National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) score to more than 4.5 stars, out of a possible total of six. Securing the network both internally and externally was a big priority, as well.

    Penn State University Optigo Networks Visual BACnet


    When Tom Walker looked at Penn State University’s Navy Yard network, he saw huge issues. The system was busy and loud, to the point where the overrun network was bringing down the entire building. Because this was happening on the MS/TP network, pinpointing the problem would mean boots on the ground to segment and test the chain, piece by piece.

    Penn State University Optigo Networks Visual BACnet


    When Tom Walker first started working at Penn State University four years ago, there were a lot of network issues. Buildings were dropping offline. Broadcast traffic was pushing 90,000 packets per hour. Walker was on the phone almost every single night because devices were down or had to be reset.


    Torre Manacar Mexico City Optigo Connect


    When MR Soluciones began work on Torre Manacar, they knew they needed a flexible and scalable network infrastructure to support a wide array of integrated systems. Optigo Networks was a natural fit for the massive project, designing a robust network at a competitive cost.



    Short Pump Town Center, an upscale retail center, underwent a complete renovation in 2014. The flexibility of Optigo Networks’ solution meant the retail center’s unknown final design was not a barrier to placing IP surveillance equipment in the field.



    Optigo Networks connected New York-based Boulevard Mall’s security surveillance devices in December 2015, using a Passive Daisy Chain topology.

    Optigo Quote v2

    With Optigo Connect, the network is now flexible and strong, able to support a multitude of systems with ease and performing better than ever.

    – Hendra Hugraha, National Engineering Manager, Delta Building Automation

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